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Since its inauguration in the Summer of 1968, Delicia has gained fame as one of the best Indian food restaurants in the world – serving mouthwatering fresh flavors, and a great range of dishes characterized by a high-quality, rich, Indian flare.

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“Delicia is my favorite place in the world to have authentic Indian food and fill myself with quality ingredients, herbs, and spices, and get the truest taste. I have not had Indian food so good anywhere else in the entire country and I keep coming back every time. It is absolutely DELICIOUS!”

Patrick Greenish

A Regular Customer At Delicia

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Diklatmerden.id – Salah satu Siswa diklat Merden Indonesia yang berhasil masuk ke skuad Garuda Select ialah Mhd Ragil. Ia memiliki posisi yang sangat penting di tim Garuda Select yaitu sebagai striker yang potensial karena memiliki postur yang menjulang tinggi yakni 185 cm. Mhd. Ragil merupakan pemain terbaik dalam gelaran tunamen Elite pro Academy tahun 2022 […]

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